Solidarity by means of private accommodation

Rejected asylum seekers are already suffering under Switzerland’s inhumane emergency aid regime. For those affected, the new asylum centres mean an enormous deterioration in their living conditions. Their freedom of movement and quality of life are massively restricted. They are isolated and participation in society is specifically thwarted. We do not want to and cannot accept this and are firmly convinced that a right to participation is not dependent on residence status. As long as someone lives here, he or she is part of society!

Solidarity by means of private accommodation

As an alternative to the rdeportation centre, the canton allows private accommodation with third parties under the condition that the person concerned no longer receives emergency assistance. If we can find enough private persons showing solidarity, we can spare affected people the life in these isolation centres. Private persons need to:

  • provide a free/low cost room,
  • cover emergency aid: approximately CHF 240.- that would otherwise be provided by the authorities to cover one’s subsistence needs.
  • and enter into a corresponding contract with the migration authorities.

This means that on the one hand we need financial support and on the other hand people who could share their living space with those affected and enter into a corresponding contract with the migration authorities.

This is how you can show solidarity with those affected:

Donate with the note “Emergency aid for rejected asylum seekers” to the following account:
Solidaritätsnetz Bern
3000 Bern
IBAN: CH15 0900 0000 3065 6992 8
PC 30-656992-8

The money is given to the people who provide private accommodation. It can be used as emergency aid for their new roommate or to finance the offered room.

Email us if you would like to provide living space. Please let us know if you need a financial contribution towards the rent.
We will put you in contact with affected persons.

Share this appeal with your network so that we can reach as many people as possible!

We are glad that you show solidarity with the affected persons!

Together let’s make it possible for all those affected to live in private accommodation.

We are of the opinion that the isolation centres are inhumane and therefore we would like to spare all affected people from having to live there. Together, as a civil society in solidarity, we can do this!

The emergency aid costs per person and year 2880 francs. In order to ensure that no impacted people (approx. 550 people in the canton of Berne) have to live in the isooation centres for a year, we have to raise about CHF 1,580,000. If we manage to get every hundredth person in the canton of Berne to show solidarity, each person would only need to pay around CHF 158 per year. This means about 13 francs per month.

In addition, we need about 400 people to provide housing for an affected individual or family and enter into a contract with the Migration Authorities.