Lunch table

Ecumenical lunch table for asylum seekers receiving emergency aid and Sans-Papiers

As a founding member, Solidarity Network Berne regularly accompanies and supports the ecumenical lunch table for asylum seekers receiving emergency assistance and Sans-Papiers (undocumented migrants).

Lunch is held every Thursday at 12 noon in the large hall of the St. Marien parish (Wylerquartier). It is a weekly meeting place for 40-60 rejected asylum seekers and Sans-Papiers (undocumented migrants) from the whole canton, where they can meet and exchange ideas over a free meal. Currently, the lunch table is run by Association of Ecumenical Lunch Table for Asylum Seekers (Verein ökumenischer Mittagstisch für Asylsuchende Bern) and supported by the churches of the city of Bern.

Solidarity Network Berne is always present and available for brief consultations.