Sayed has been in Bern prisons for a month. His only “crime” is not having the “right” papers. Sayed, now 26, fled as a young adult from the bombs, bullets and repression that brutally persecute the Hazara minority in Pakistan as well as Afghanistan1. His father had previously been injured in an ethnically motivated attack in the city of Quetta. While the Swiss authorities acknowledge in principle that the Hazara are persecuted in Pakistan. Nevertheless, as a Hazara national, they now want to deport Sayed to Pakistan. The fact that his life is threatened there obviously does not matter. The Swiss authorities and courts are not bothered by the fact that they are forcibly tearing him away from his environment: Away from his friends, with whom he lives, laughs, discusses and trains – and we with him. Due to the decisions of the authorities, Sayed was also unable to take up the apprenticeships that were offered to him.

We demand that Sayed be released from prison immediately and then be able to build a long-term life in Bern.

We visit Sayed in prison several times a week – and we stay by his side. Together we fight for him but also for all other people who are threatened with deportation and expulsion in Switzerland. The fact that people are imprisoned and deported because of their origin is a legally legitimized scandal against which we must all stand together. Help out – your support is needed!

Free Sayed – free them all!

Would you like to send Sayed a letter or a postcard?
We will forward your mail to Sayed. Simply send it to the Solidaritätsnetz Bern at Schwarztorstrasse 76, 3007 Bern or leave it in the mailbox.

1 more Info: https://bit.ly/hazarapakistan