Information about the certificate requirement

  1. Where do I need a certificate?
    As of 13.09.2021 there is a requirement for people over 16 years of age to have a certificate to visit the inside of restaurants, cultural and recreational facilities (museum, zoo, theater, cinema, swimming pool, etc.) and attend indoor events.
    The certificate is a type of identification for the following:
    vaccinated you have had two vaccinations against the Corona virus)
    -if you are recovered (you were infected with the Corona virus, but you are recovered. A PRC test must confirm that you have the antibodies).
    – Or you have tested negative (it means:that the negative PCR-test is not older than 72h or 48h in the cases of the antigen- rapid test).
    No certificate is required for the outdoor areas of restaurants.
  2. How do I get a certificate?
    You should receive your certificate directly after your 2nd vaccination, after your negative test or after you have been sick. If this does not happen automatically, ask at the test centre or get in touch with a contact point (see point 7).
  3. How is the certificate verified?
    The certificate can be checked with the “COVID Certificate Check” app. The person sees your name and date of birth, which must be verified with a photo ID (ID card, SwissPass, etc.). No health data will be displayed. When checking your certificate, your data will not be stored on the device at the respective location.
  4. Where and how can I be tested?
    As of 11/10/2021, all Covid testing is fee-based if you do not have Covid symptoms. You can see testing locations at under Topics > Coronavirus > Testing > ‘Where can I get a Covid 19 test?’
    Ask at the contact points under point 7 if you need help organizing or financing the test.
    If you do not have valid documents in Switzerland, get in touch with one of the contact points under point 7, they will explain how you can still get tested.
  5. Where and how can I get vaccinated?
    You can register for the vaccination yourself via the website Your data will be treated confidentially.
    You are welcome to get in touch with the contact points under point 7, they will support you with the registration, with questions and uncertainties.
  6. Who can I get in touch with for questions, uncertainties and support?
    If you have any questions or uncertainties, please contact a counselling centre. All information will be treated professionally and confidentially.
    Solidaritätsnetz Bern, 031 991 39 29 (Monday, Wednesday and Thursday: 9h-12h and 14h-17h)

Walk-In: Tuesday 14h-17h, Thursday 9h-11h30, Schwarztorstrasse 76, 3007 Bern
Verein Berner Beratungsstelle für Sans-Papiers, 031 382 00 15 (Monday 14h-16h)

Walk-In: Friday 15h-19h (without appointment), Effingerstrasse 35, 3008 Bern, 5th floor

Medina Association

Walk-In: Dinner Thursday and Friday (ca. 18h30-21h30) Container at the Schützenmatte

Bring: ID and health insurance card/voucher, if available.

  1. Further information at –> Information in different languages
    Infoline Coronavirus: +41 58 463 00 00, daily 6h-23h
    Infoline Covid-19 vaccination: +41 800 88 66 44, daily 6h-23h